A Bit About Me
and the Times I've Gone Through

My name is Enachi Maxim, I was born in Chisinau, Moldova, in 1984 (a very beautiful country with kind, hard working, understanding, and very hospitable people). I am married and have one child!

I spent a happy, beautiful, and joyful childhood with my grandparents, parents, sister, and friends. I eagerly awaited school holidays to go to my grandparents' village, surrounded by chickens, cows, and beehives. I started my studies at the high school in Chisinau until the 9th grade, then attended the criminology college where I obtained my baccalaureate, followed by the StateUniversity majoring in criminal law.

I have always been an active child, passionate about sports like football, martial arts, skiing, and mountaineering. At 18/19 years old, while studying at university, I created a company specializing in high-altitude construction work using specific mountaineering technology.

This high-altitude construction marks the beginning of my experience in construction, which I will discuss a bit later!!! Soon, I realized that high-altitude construction work is a seasonal business, and during the winter I dedicated myself to another business - tourism (I love skiing). At the same time, I helped my parents with their small restaurant business. Since childhood, I loved studying something new, valued work, and the money I earned!!! I was always appreciated as a good specialist, respected by business partners, employees, and especially by clients.

The specialized company for high-altitude construction work using mountaineering technology began to perform variousinterior repair works and zero-level construction projects, etc. My reputation as a serious person and a good specialist led tomy collaboration with the Kirsan holding, where a new experience and challenges began.

I have carried out many construction and repair works alongside Kirsan, such as facade works, roofing, office repairs, and food store renovations. Many projects (challenges) that remained in my heart and I successfully completed included apartments or commercial spaces that were less sold; these needed to be brought to liquid sale conditions (euro renovation, repair, and furnishing of the apartment turnkey, etc.). As we know, in Moldova, newly built apartments are sold in white or gray variants

I often met Mr. Sergiu Coman (the owner of the Kirsan holding) at construction sites, who inspected the sites. A very serious and kind gentleman, he highly appreciated the work I was doing! After an illness that my wife and I suffered together, we decided to move to Spain due to the climate and healthcare system. The accommodation was not easy, but we managed here too!

One fine day, I received a call from Mr. Sergiu Coman with a proposal to manage a new Spanish company that is part of the Kirsan holding. The company is called Kirsan Building. Knowing the potential of the Kirsan holding (the largest construction company in Moldova), I agreed to this proposal. A new experience, new projects, and new acquaintances began.

The first project, a 5-story building in the town of Gandia located by the sea, was realized and put into operation in just 9 months, then other projects followed in the towns of Torrente, Torevieja, Benetuser, etc. Another project, Kirsan Expo Center of 5 000 m2, where over 200 Spanish factories present their goods...

Due to the pandemic, some old projects and all new projects were paralyzed. I addressed this problem to Mr. Sergiu Coman. I received a satisfactory answer that a solution would be found shortly as this problem was present in several countries.

At an online conference, Mr. Sergiu Coman introduced me to Mr. Kirill Tripolskii, presenting him as a business partner and the person responsible for attracting investments and creating an investment fund, KIRSAN INVEST .

- Maks. Hi !
- Can you please send me the legal address you gave when you registered Kirsan Invest?
- And other contacts , like the phone number if it was indicated and so on.
- Hello. Legal address:Valencia Avenida del Cid 51 p5 C.P 46018 . Phone number : +346******, kirsanspania@gmail.com
- Thank you!
- Kirill hello. Bank number and more information about Kirsan Invest i will be able to give only on monday. Thank you

Sergiu Coman and Kiril Tripolskii asked me to register a company named Kirsan Invest that would focus on collective investments.

The process of registering the company began! At another telephone conference, Mr. Sergiu and Mr. Kiril asked me to register another company, Re24ESP, which would develop projects in Spain. The registration process of Re24ESP began.

Later, I found out that Mr. Kiril had a company dedicated to attracting investors through the website reinvest24.com, which belonged to Reinvest24 OU

Reinvest24 OU was part of another company, Reinvest Holding OU. Mr. Sergiu bought 50% of Reinvest Holding shares, but only 18% were registered!

After registering Re24ESP, the company was sold to Reinvest Holding OU!

At another telephone conference, I was proposed to be the administrator of the newly created company RE24ESP. Mr. Kiril Tripolskii said that Spain is a strategic point for attracting investments and they need a person with experience and good relationships (banks, architects, various agencies...) who can find projects with high profitability, and I am the ideal person for this position and even offered me 20% of the company's shares (which in the end were not registered either).

I began administering 3 companies: Kirsan Invest, which was inactive for a long time and then I ceded it to Mr. Sergiu, Kirsan Building, which I consulted and taught another person to manage, and Re24ESP, where I started to work hard which led to sleepless nights...

A new challenge began

The first project I proposed for financing was a 5-story building located in Xirivella, a small town next to Valencia. At first glance, the building was 70% complete; construction stopped in 2008 during the crisis (50% of the windows installed, the elevator installed, the bathrooms equipped, the tiles were of a very old style).

The price of this project was 350 000 euros, a very attractive price, and the evaluation of this building was 1 053 072 euros.

The preventive budget of expenses was elaborated and the project was presented!!! Mr. Kiril Tripolskii accepted the project on the same day and asked for the project description, photos to put this project on the reinvest24.com website. In a very short time, he sent me a loan contract between Reinvest24 OU and RE24ESP.SL. I was surprised that the borrowed money had a high interest rate of 16.8% plus an additional 5%+5% for advertising.

What surprised me even more was that the realization time of the project was very short. I organized a telephone conference with Mr. Sergiu and Mr. Kiril, commenting that with high interest rates plus advertising percentages and such a short time, it is not realistic to carry out any project.

I was explained that the Reinvest24 page for attracting investments is still small, has few investors, and to attract them, more money is needed for advertising and interesting project conditions such as high percentages and short terms. I was assured that if the project is delayed, there are several options for investors: refinancing or the so-called secondary market.

Regarding the high percentages, I was told that in a short time a new source with much lower percentages and more favorable conditions would be found. Mr. Sergiu commented that he works with even tougher conditions because Reinvest24 OU needs to be brought to a higher level!

The process of buying the Xirivella project began, which was not easy at all because the origin of the money from the Reinvest24 company was not very convincing for the banks, but I found solutions and finally bought this project.

I started talking a lot with Mr. Kiril on the phone, and we made every major or minor decision together. My position on this project was to finish it with minimal investment and changes, as the bathrooms already had tiles, some windows were already installed, the elevator was installed..... hence the first budget.

Mr. Kiril told me that his wife Natalia has very good ideas and is good at design; I should consult with her for everything related to design, and at the same time, Natalia would check all the accounting!

- santander 01.08-25.12.21
- Maxim , please send me Santander in excel format as well , because i can't do anything with pdf format files, it takes a long time. - After that let me know when you will have time for a conference call and go through these statements as we did last time.
- In this case we need Santander from 01.08 until today.
I sent documents
- Thank you!

After many discussions and proposals, it was decided that all the bathroom tiles should be changed according to the norms, we were obliged to change all the windows and the elevator, hence the second budget.

Mr. Kiril and Natalia inspected the site several times and even praised the work and the time it was done. On the site, they proposed to create a common area on the roof with a pool and relaxation areas.... I commented that it is a good and beautiful idea, but not for this project, as we already exceeded the first budget, and this idea would lead to significant expenses...

When Mr. Kiril and Mrs. Natalia came to Spain, they inspected the sites, the accounting, and the contracts...

-Or we can meet at the beach and go wherever we like
-Ok. At 9:30 we will be at the beach
-Good morning! How are you? We took breakfast and can come to office
-Good morning!!! Come!!
-When you are near, call me so I can open the car barrier!
-You already there?
-Yes, waiting for you

After work, we would go out with our families to have fun. Mr. Kiril is a very quiet and thoughtful man, while Mrs. Natalia is cheerful and smart. We even became friends with our families. We received invitations to visit Estonia for the holidays...

The renovation of this building was going well, but there were 3 problems to solve:

1. To enter the building's parking lot, a car lift was needed, and the approval of this project was done through the engineer of the city hall. The city hall of Xirivella did not have an engineer for a long time. Various options were offered to the city hall: an external engineer and other options. The city hall asked us to be patient. (After a waiting period, the new engineer started working and the problem was solved!)

2. The storage rooms of the building belonged to the Quality Sorolla company, but there was also a mortgage on these rooms that was acquired along with the building purchase! Quality Sorolla agreed to sell these rooms at a symbolic price; this sale had to be accepted by the court. (The judge's decision was awaited.)

3. The payment for additional construction work done.

Mr. Kiril told me that the payment would be made after the site was handed over and the apartments were sold. Kirsan Building did not agree because salaries, construction materials, and many other things needed to be paid, and additional funds were needed to complete this project. I encountered this problem with other projects as well, but more on that below.

Another proposed project for financing was “Casablanca”. This project is located in the village of Alminara, approximately 40 km from Valencia, a project with 16 houses, approximately 65% completed, first line of the beach. After many negotiations, I reached a very convenient purchase price of 800 000 euros, where the evaluation was 1 665 137 euros.

Mr. Kiril also approved this project: the project process began, and it was put on the reinvest24.com website. After some time, Mr. Kiril prepared the loan contract, then reinvest24 OU transferred 171 000 euros to Re24esp s.l for reserving this project. This project could not be purchased because Reinvest24 OU could not demonstrate the origin of the money, and the bank refused the sale. The amount of 171 000 euros was returned shortly to Reinvest24 OU.

Mr. Kiril insisted that I make more investment proposals. It seemed suspicious to me that apart from the high percentages and percentages like 5%+5% for advertising, the percentages signed in the contract were higher than the percentages offered for investment in the given project, for example: the Xirivella project in the contract 16.8% on the reinvest24.com page 15.8% and so on in all projects. Mr. Kiril was very convincing that soon he would find a source with much lower percentages and more favorable conditions. I was reassured by the fact that the signed contracts were between Reinvest24.OU and re24esp sl without my personal guarantee.

Mrs. Natalia reviewed bank statements and controlled accounting every month. All the time I administered the company RE24ESP S.L, I had telephone conferences practically every day with either Mrs. Natalia, Mr. Kirill, or both. At one of the conferences, I was told that it might be time to create a new construction company (where shares in the company were again proposed to me) and to start buying construction materials and services through Re24esp sl. Re24esp ordered the car lift for the garage of the Xirivella block and other services. For creating the company, it was important to attract qualified workers, something hard to achieve due to the lack of personnel. For creating this company, additional funds were needed for workers' tools and various insurances. “Shares in a new company were proposed to me, but the shares in RE24ESP were still not registered.” This company was not registered!

As mentioned, it was not possible to buy projects from banks and funds because REINVEST24 was not able to provide a report on the origin of the money, the subsequent projects were purchased from individuals or construction companies!

The La Canada project was acquired from a construction company, the price of this project was 900 000 euros, the project contained 4 single-family houses, 3 houses of approximately 300 m2 each, and one house of approximately 450 m2. The advantage of this project was that the construction license only needed to be renewed, and the structure of the houses was already completed. The disadvantage was that the project was already old.

Based on the project, a tender was held with 3 construction companies in which Kirsan Building S.L gave a much lower price than others. Based on the estimate, the service provision contract was signed, and work began. After some time, modifications began in the project, many additional works were added, an additional estimate was elaborated, and all changes and material quality were consulted with Mr. Kiril and Mrs.

Natalia. Mr. Kiril and Natalia visited this site several times, and I even received high praise for the work and the speed of the work. Special emphasis was placed on the 450 m2 house because this house was meant for Mr. Kiril and Mrs. Nataliaʼs family. Due to many ideas and proposals, I had to stop the construction of this house until their final decision was made.

- What was the initial design for our house? What was it supposed to look like with those pitched roofs? Do you have any pictures? I'm wondering what to do with them and how to get it back to normal.
- What about the elevators for Xirivella? When do we install them? and Montesano?
- In Spain this is a holiday week. We will install the elevators on the 14th.
- I'm making the conclusion that all agreements are bullshit. Unfortunately only contracts work - Sad
- Yes (agreed!)
- Answer please (referring to 1 question)
- And what is the architect proposing ? How can we do it?
- Tomorrow I will be in the office and will send you the old plans.

And again, contracts with high percentages of 16%+5% in the contract and for investors on the reinvest24.com page 13%.
At one point, I was informed that project financing would be slower because money was being raised for the La Eliana land project.

I couldnʼt understand why financing had to be slower when the money for the La Eliana land was already collected and for the La Canada project, a large part of the money was collected but not sent for the project realization. At a telephone conference with Mr. Kiril, I mentioned that stopping financing would lead the projects to bankruptcy, but in our case, it is artificial bankruptcy.

I faced the problem that funding is not available; again, the contractor was unpaid, the architect was unpaid, the accountant was unpaid, taxes were unpaid, salaries were unpaid, all projects were stopped, and we were even forced to leave the office due to non-payment, total disaster. I communicated to Mr. Kiril that to keep the company active, it was necessary at least to pay the taxes and administrative expenses, and I was postponed from day to day...

I sent documents
-Hi! Thank you.
-Max, Hi , can you send me information on what we paid for La Canada?
-Hi, yes of course i'll prepare estimates of work performed on all projects, debts of the architect, designer, engineer, admin... Aswell i need to know our credit debt + % to know what I can drop off and at what price.
-Ok will do.
I sent documents

I received hundreds of phone calls, letters about debts... About the problems that accumulate, more below... now about another project.

Another project, La Eliana, I consider a great merit that this land could be purchased. This land has an ideal location and an ideal construction concept. The land is about 12 000 m2 and is planned for the construction of 57 houses (doc). The purchase price of this land was 2 200 000 euros, its evaluation was 3 191 347 euros.

For purchasing this land, negotiations went on for many months, then a sale-purchase contract with payment in installments was drawn up, with a term of 8 months. The first installment was paid. Mr. Kiril wanted this project to be completed in 12 months (doc), which was explained as impossible. At a telephone conference with Mr. Kiril and Mr. Serghei, the discussion was about completing this project in a short time.

Mr. Sergiu proposed completing this project through modular houses, which would help us save time. Work on this concept began, Mr. Sergiu visited many modular house factories in different countries: Germany, Israel, Spain.... and developed the concept of setting up a workshop for manufacturing housing elements right on the site. This allows for the completion of works in a shorter time after the final purchase of the land. Land arrangement works began.

The project was elaborated and submitted to the city hall for the construction license.

Architects and engineers approved the manufacturing of housing elements right on the site. All the mentioned work above was not paid, leading to a new conflict.

Below I will talk about the Gandia beach and Montesano 5 houses projects. Why the Montesano 5 houses project was sold, debt recognition, and many lies created by REINVEST HOLDING in the court process!

The money that could be returned is not being returned!

A Little About Me and the Days I Have Livedand Am Living Now. Part 2

Firstly, I am pleased that Reinvest 24 (Mr. Kirill Tripolsky) has not refuted a single word of what I said in my blog.

Wages in Spain

Regarding the allegations of financial mismanagement and nepotism:

When RE24esp SL began its operations, two people were hired with an agreed budget of €4,000 per month for both. As the workload increased, two more people were hired, but the total budget remained unchanged. On average, the salary per person was around €1,000. The team worked with great confidence in Mr. Kirill Tripolsky and believed in his promises for the company's development.

Question for Mr. Kirill Tripolsky: Where do you see nepotism here? (The average salary in Spain is €2,500 per person, while ours was €1,000 per person per month)

Monthly Costs for Fuel and Representation Expenses

We made daily trips by car to various meetings with the municipality, architects, builders, banks, searching for new projects, notaries, etc. On average, €50 per week was spent on fuel, which is €10 per day.

Representation and office operating expenses for administration and meetings with partners included water, coffee, and sweets, with an average cost of €60 per month, which is €2-3 per day.

All these expenses were agreed upon from the first day of operation. I want to note that all bank statements were checked monthly and approved by Ms. Natalia and Kirill!

Mr. Kirill and Ms. Natalia, where do you see the misuse of company funds? (On average, about €13 per day was spent on fuel and representative office expenses - and I also want to inform you that personal cars were used for company business for free!)


I am accused of leaving the company with tax and financial obligations. This is not true. I worked until the last day to support the company. I did not want to leave the company even during difficult times when funding stopped. I simply received a letter from Reinvest Holding informing me that I was dismissed from the position of administrator.

Management Before Dismissal and Refusal to Fund

Let’s go back a bit. In telephone conferences with Mr. Kirill and Ms. Natalia, I repeatedly raised the issue of paying off debts to creditors and government institutions. I was told in response, "We are not obligated to fund projects... sell the projects and pay off the debts!"

La Canada Project

The project includes the construction of four villas: three villas of approximately 300 m² each and one villa of approximately 450 m². The average market price for construction in Spain is €1,500 - €1,800 per m² (excluding taxes) just for the construction of the houses.


Based on the construction analysis of this project, we received an offer from KIRSAN to build at a price of €1,080 per m², which includes not only the construction of the houses but also the construction of fences, additional terraces, a pool... making this offer more favorable than the market price!

Again, a question for Mr. Kirill and Ms. Natalia: Where do you see the misuse of company management?

La Eliana Project

The project includes a neighborhood of 57 houses with infrastructure and common areas, including pools. The requirements for this project were rapid construction using prefabricated houses. Our Spanish team worked at a fast pace and we received a proposal from an architectural agency to develop this project for approximately €1,500,000, while Kirsan offered a 33% lower price!

Architecture, Construction, and Modeling of the 57-House Neighborhood
Design of Landscaping (Infrastructure - Pools, Playgrounds, Lighting, etc.)
Network Design
Construction Technology - Production of Prefabricated Houses
Again, the same question for Mr. Kirill: Where do you see the misuse of company management?

Montesano Project (San Antonio de Benagéber)

One of the most complex projects, with a plot area of approximately 2,500 m², where the land use had to be changed for construction and divided into five 500 m² plots. We faced many problems with this project as the town council did not provide exact timelines for changing the land use for a long time. The project was frozen.

We tried to sell it, but it was impossible.After many letters from the creditor Kirsan Building, phone calls, and meetings with the builder, we received a notice that if the debts were not paid, they would go to court!

The only solution was to sell the land in San Antonio de Benagéber (in exchange for part of the debt) and extend the remaining debt with a notary payment until December 31, 2023. This agreement allowed us to buy time and pay off the debts!

Mr. Kirill Tripolsky and Ms. Natalia Semenovich - selling a frozen project with problems, selling with your permission - is this misuse? The debt that exists and is registered with a notary, is this misuse?

Chirivella Project

A building with 10 apartments, 5 parking spaces, and 5 storage rooms, approximately 1,700 m². The average market price for renovating the building is between €700 and €1,000 per m².


Even after many changes to the estimate with additional work, we received prices from Kirsan Building of around €455 per m².

Again, I ask the same question to Mr. Kirill Tripolsky: Where do you see the misuse?

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